KLE Cent

“K.L.E. since 1916 – 2016 Years of Selfless Service”

The K.L.E. Society, perhaps the largest voluntary education organization in the country has its origins dating back to 1916. Thanks to an inspired team of noble young men who dedicated their lives and energies to the cause of education, the KLE made a humble beginning with the founding of its first institution in Belagavi.

KLE Founders

Three great selfless visionary Founder Members Sri. Sardar Veerabhadrappa Gunappa Naik-Rao Bahadur Desai of Chachadi, Rao Bahadur R.C. Artal, Sri. Vaijappa A. Anigol and the Seven Founder Life Members Sri. M.R. Sakhare, Prof. S.S. Basavanal, Sri. H.F. Kattimani, Sri. B.B. Mamadapur, Sri. B.S. Hanchinal, Sri. Panditappa Chikodi and Sri. V.V. Patil got together and their efforts lead to the founding of the K.L.E. Society.

It was their firm belief that education was the only means of bringing about material, intellectual and spiritual attainment of mankind. They were inspired by the ideals of Satya, Prema, Seva and Swartha Thyaga, found inscribed on the society’s emblem.

An Anglo-Vernacular school at Belgaum, the first institution of the KLE, was established in 1916. The school was named GILGANCHI-ARTAL High School, after the two well-known social workers, Shri Gurusidappa Gilganchi and Rao Bahadur R.C.Artal.

The present Northern Karnataka region, particularly Belgaum and Dharwad Districts, wore a desolate look in the education field in the earlier part of 20th century. Since then, a large number of thinkers, educationists and philanthropists have contributed their time, energy and efforts to build this great institution, literally brick by brick, to the present gigantic, incomparable and enviable role model. The KLE society occupies a very special niche in the field of education in the Indian sub-continent, with over 16,000 employees working in over 250 institutions catering to the needs of more than 1,25,000 students with assets running into hundreds of crores and a huge annual budget, which have all been the rewarding results of the unparalleled visionary leadership provided by the incumbent team of dynamic leaders.

The guiding principles of the KLE Society, however, remain the same – TRUTHFULNESS, LOVE, SERVICE & SELFLESSNESS. One feels blessed to be a part of this great movement in world-class,  high-quality education.