Journalism Department


  • Nijalingappa College is one of the few colleges to have the studio.
  • The studio is set up in such a way that each student gets individual training with latest and expensive gadgets used in the media.
  • News room, recording, acoustically well-treated studio for production of programmes about audio and video with sophisticated lighting arrangements and air condition. Associated with this is an acoustically treated production room. The studio can be used for broadcasting and voice over and also for commercial spot productions. A professionally built studio enables students to get full fledged training in presenting and broadcasting of programmes, documentaries, interviews all pertaining to media Journalism, with equipments for mixing console, dubbing facilities and video productions.


  • Competent and innovative staff
  • Faculty working as resource persons
  • Seminars and regular guest lectures
  • Track record of good results
  • Foreign students from Iran and North-East India
  • Gradual Increase in the student strength
  • Emphasis given to multi-dimensional development
  • State-of-the-art studio with high-end machines and equipments on par with industry standards
  • Departmental library with wide range of books
  • Well equipped Psychology Laboratory
  • Internship in special schools and hospitals during holidays
  • Participation in inter-collegiate fests and competitions
  • Add-on courses , like Radio programming and production
  • Screening documentaries and films related to texts

Its an honor to KLE S Nijalingappa College to declare that many students after completing their bachelors in JPE have become media persons joining mainstream channels like TV9, Suvarna News and NDTV. And they have marked excellence in entertainment filed too, An ex-student of the JPE Department, yash is a Kannada film hero.